Crete Skydive Eclipse Of Totality

Tandem Skydives

Is it possible to do a tandem skydive during the eclipse? Actually it is! We will be offering a single tandem skydive that goes to the highest bidder. Below you can check out the current auction status. You can however do a tandem before and afterwards. So come jump and watch the eclipse with us! Minimum age of 19 years old, no maximum age but must be in good physical health. Weight limit of 230lbs.

Experienced Jumpers

Please contact us for availablity! We have a limited number of planes and slots!

Plane Rides

We will also be auctioning off a plane ticket to view the eclipse from the air. If demand is high enough we might even have two! See the current auction status below.

Viewing Party

If planes and skydiving are not your thing, we will also be hosting a viewing party! During the eclipse, 10 to 20 skydivers will be flying under parachute, watching the shadow of the moon, approach at 1500 Miles Per Hour, taking video and pictures of the event. Then landing right in front of spectators watching the event.