Is there an age limit?

Only a minimum age requirement – 19 years old. In Nebraska, in order to sign a waiver, you must be a minimum age of consent. All dropzones, including SkydiveCrete, will ask you to sign a waiver before you skydive. Unfortunately, not even a parental signature will suffice. There is no maximum age to skydive.

Is there a height/weight limit?

Yes, maximum weight to tandem skydive is 230 lb; Static Line is 235 lbs. No height restrictions. Tandem equipment is certified to carry 500 lbs; that weight includes your tandem instructor and the gear itself. Our Tandem instructors vary in size, so if you are slightly over 230 lbs, please let our scheduler know. We may be able to accommodate you with careful scheduling. You must be in good physical condition. We are not medical professionals, so if you have any concerns, please consult a physician in advance.

What should I wear?

Athletic shoes are a must. No sandals, boots, or flip-flops. Shorts and jeans with short or long sleeve shirts are recommended. Dress relaxed for the temperature. You may be wearing a jumpsuit or pants depending on what you wear and the weatherconditions. Sorry, we do not allow Go Pro Cameras or cell phones on your jump for safety reasons.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! 3 ways to get discounts with SkydiveCrete Groups.
• Tandem groups of 5 or more will receive a discount of $XX from their tandem skydive. Static Line first jump course groups of 5 or more receive a discount of $XX from their first jump course Static line class after tandems
• As an incentive to continue to jump with us after your tandem , if you schedule your static line first jump course with us within 3 months, you will receive a discount of $50.
• To encourage you to get from your first static line jump to freefall, your first freefall is FREE!
Sorry, we do not offer groupons. Be wary of skydive groupons for Skydiving near Crete. If you buy a skydiving groupon, know that you are NOT actually scheduling with us!

"I had the best time today at Skydive Crete! Such an amazing experience with amazing instructors. Thank you for making my first jump so much fun! We will be back!"

Do you offer gift certificates?

No. We do have a certificate that you can present to the receiver. The gifter should plan to come to the dropzone to pay when the recipient jumps. Better yet, both of you should plan to jump together. Sorry, we do not offer groupons. Be wary of skydive groupons for Skydiving near Crete. If you buy a skydiving groupon, know that you are NOT actually scheduling with us!

Where are you located?

We are located in Crete Nebraska, just 15 minutes southwest of Lincoln. We are the ONLY dropzone located near Crete Nebraska. You will be jumping right here at the Crete Municipal Airprort. Be wary of other dropzones that advertise as “Skydiving in Nebraska” or “Near Crete or Lincoln.”

What is included in the price?

Everything you need to make your first skydive a great one. We do not take payment upfront. There are no hidden re-pack fees, no cancellation fees, no “weather insurance” fees. If you are shopping around for the lowest price, we encourage you to ask what you are paying for. Tandem jumps are made from an altitude of 10,000 feet ABOVE the ground. That equates to about 30 seconds of freefall.

What kind of facilities do you offer for travelers?

For your skydiving needs, we are a Cessna 182 wide body dropzone. Landing areais big, flat, and grassy. We have a 3 meter and 5 meter pea pit.

Inside, we have carpeted, heated hanger and heated/air-conditioned bunkhouse if you want a place to crash on the weekends. We have showers as well. We have a large screen TV and a large screen projection TV that rivals a movie theater screen and sound to boot. Bring your best Mario-kart Wii skills if you dare.

You'll find couches galore, picnic tables and a couple of fire pits if the mood is right. We have just enough of a kitchen to feed a small army, so feel free to bring yourself a steak or cook an omelette in the morning.

“Always a pleasure to hang out. Low key atmosphere and professional. Never a dull moment and always a fun time.”